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Lesson 76 – الدَّرْسُ السَّادِسُ والسَّبْعونَ معاني حروف الجر

The preposition (ξalā)– حرف الجر " عَلَى "

·         The original meaning of this preposition is the circumstantial meaning (on or above), as in the following structures:

·         The preposition (ξalā) has other different meanings as in the following structures:  

Meaning of preposition



Although (restriction)

The believer forgives although his power

يَعْفُو الْمُؤْمِنُ عَلَى قُوَّتِهِ

Although (restriction)

The vile is stingy although his richness

يَبْخَلُ الدَّنِيءُ عَلَى غِناه

Although (restriction)

The generous donates even if he is poor

يُعِطي الكَرِيمُ عَلَى فَقْرِهِ