Lesson 49الدَّرْسُ التَّاسِعُ وَالأرْبَعُونَ

The Conditional Sentences - الْجُمَلُ الشَّرْطِيَّة


  • This is also an exercise part in our free Arabic language course. This Arabic course with images and audios will help you learn Arabic.
  • In this part of the lesson we will have some exercises in order to test your knowledge of what you have learned so far.
  • Choose a word from column ب that can be used to complete the sentence in column أ.  Click on a word in column أ that you would like to answer (this will be highlighted) then click on its suitable complement in column ب.  Upon completing all possible questions, click on the Mark button to see the correct answer and obtain your mark.
اسم الشرط الذي يدل على الوقت أو الزمن وهو بمعنى في أي وقتٍ
indicates time. It means at any time or whenever.
اسم الشرط المبهم والذي يُعرَف معناه من المضاف إليه بعده
its meaning is determined in accordance with the noun annexed to it.
اسم الشرط الذي يدل على الشيء غير العاقل
is used for inanimate, it means any thing.
اسم الشرط الذي يدل على المكان وهو بمعنى في أي مكان
indicates place. It means in any place or wherever.
اسم الشرط الذي يدل على العاقل وهو بمعنى أَي شَخْصٍ
is used for animate, it means anyone.