Lesson 1 – الدَّرْسُ الأوَّلُ

This is… - هَـٰذَا ...  

Exercise – تَدْرِيبٌ

  • This exercise is on the Arabic demonstrative pronoun (Arabic demonstrative noun or Arabic demonstrative article) Haadhaa in the Arabic grammar terminology.
  • We have practiced reading words and learning some Arabic phrases and some Arabic grammar. However, it is very important to learn how to write Arabic while you are learning Arabic language. Please read the sentences below and write them down on a piece of paper. You have already learnt what the sentences below mean in the earlier parts of the lesson so try to remember what they mean also.
  • In Arabic, more experienced readers do not require the vowel-marks or diacritical marks to read the word. We have started lesson 1 showing all the vowel-marks, for example بَيْتٌ (house) where we can see the /fatħah/, /sukūn/ and /đammah/. However, with experience, we know from a combination of the letters used and the context of the sentence what the word actually means. Below, the words will appear without vowel-marks or diacritical marks (e.g. /sukūn/, /fatħah/, /kasrah/ etc).  Hence, the word will be written in Arabic as بَيْتٌ.

Please click on the words to hear speech, i.e. how the words should be pronounced.

Read and Write in your Note book     اِقْرَأْ وَاكْتُبْ:

هـٰذا قلم.

هـٰذا مسجد.

هـٰذا مكتب.

هـٰذا كرسي.

ما هـٰذا؟

هـٰذا سرير.

ما هـٰذا؟

 هـٰذا مفتاح.

لا، هـٰذا مسجد.

أهـٰذا بيت؟

  • In the next part of this lesson we will learn the phrase مَنْ هَـٰذَا؟ which means "Who is this?" followed by some more sentences to revise what we have learned in this lesson, In-Shā’-Allâh (God willing).