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Lesson 93 – الدَّرْسُ الثَّالِثُ وَالتِّسْعُونَ

Patterns and Meanings of Augmented Verbs - أَوْزانُ الأفْعالِ الْمَزيدَةِ وَمعانِيها

Quadruple augmented verb (TafaƐlala – IfƐanlala) – الفِعْلُ الرُّبَاعِيُّ الْمَزِيدُ (تفعْلَلَ.افعنْلَلَ)


  • We learned in the previous lesson the quadruple abstract verb and we studied its unique pattern (FaƐlala فَعْلَلَ – YufaƐlilu يُفَعْلِلُ). In this lesson, we will learn the quadruple augmented verb which has two patterns as follows:

1-    TafaƐlala تَفَعْلَلَ: This pattern is augmented with an initial Tā’.

2-    IfƐanlala اِفْعَنْلَلَ:  This pattern is augmented with an initial Alif and medial Nūn.

  • The first pattern (TafaƐlala تَفَعْلَلَ) is the most frequently used in Arabic, while the other one (IfƐanlala اِفْعَنْلَلَ) is very rare in the Modern Standard Arabic.
  • The intransitivity of the pattern (TafaƐlala تَفَعْلَلَ) is very common meaning in the verbs of this pattern. When the verb is in this form, it becomes intransitive and the meaning will be like passive voice even if the form remains active. Consider the following examples:



تَبَعْثَرَ الْقَمْحَ.

The corn has been scattered.

تَزَلْزَلَت الأَرْضَ.

The earth has been shaken.

تَخَصْخَصَتْ المَصانِعَ.

The factories have been privatized.