Lesson 5 – الدَّرْسُ الْخَامِسُ

The vocative particle النِّدَاءُ 

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  • In this part of lesson No. 5 we will In-Shā'-Allâh (God Willing) learn about the following things:
  • Vocative Particle: A word that is used for calling someone is called the vocative particle and is called حَرْفُ النِّدَاءِ  or simply النِّدَاءُ .  In Arabic language the word used is يَا.   The word following the vocative particle is called الْمُنَادَىٰ and it takes (mostly) the nominative case. However it takes only one /đammah/ whether it is definite or indefinite e.g., in order to call a boy it is يَا وَلَدُ and not يَا وَلَدٌ.
  • Carefully read the following text and take a particular look at the vowel endings of the words:

A Teacher: O teacher

أُسْتَاذٌ: يَا أُسْتَاذُ

Allah (God): O Allah (God)

اللهُ: يَا اللهُ

A Shaikh: O shaikh

شَيْخٌ: يَا شَيْخُ

Abbas: O Abbas

عَبَّاسٌ: يَا عَبَّاسُ

Yasir: O Yasir

يَاسِرٌ: يَا يَاسِرُ

A Man: O Man

رَجُلٌ: يَا رَجُلُ

A doctor: O doctor

دُكْتُورٌ: يَا دُكْتُورُ

Ammar: O Ammar

عَمَّارٌ: يَا عَمَّارُ

Ali: O Ali

عَلِيٌّ: يَا عَلِيُّ

Khalid: O Khalid

خَالِدٌ: يَا خَالِدُ

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