There are several tools we have made available to help you in any technical issues in using the website or any difficulties in learning the language.

  • Technical problems – e.g. difficulties playing sounds, difficulties using questions sections etc:
    • Use the "Report Problem" button under "Quick Links" on the right.
  • Language Learning problems - it is very common for students to get confused on certain topics. We recognise that despite our efforts there are always going to be some areas that are by their nature difficult topics:
    • The main recommendation we give to students is to comment on the Facebook comment box under each lesson part. There are many students and teachers who are constantly reviewing the comments to help students. Other students can benefit from reading your question. The answers provided by the teachers and community members help everyone in the learning process.
    • We will be monitoring the comments and whenever one of our team is able to, they will provide an answer to the questions submitted In-Shaa’-Allaah (God-Willing).
  • Please notice that due to a bug of displaying Arabic text in Webkit-based browsers (like Chrome/Safari), it's recommended to learn on this website using other web browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
    Update (Apr 9 2020): The colors have been correctly implemented in html Arabic text.