Lesson 9 - الدَّرْسُ التَّاسِعُ

Adjective Clause - الْمُرَكَّبُ الْوَصْفِيُّ

Introduction –مُقَدِّمَةٌ

  • This is lesson nine of our free Arabic language course. This Arabic course with images and audios will help you learn Arabic.
  • In this lesson we will In-Shā’-Allâh learn the following things:

Adjective Clause

الْمُرَكَّبُ الْوَصْفِيُّ

A small boy

وَلَدٌ صَغِيرٌ

The new bag

الْحَقِيبَةُ الْجَدِيدَةُ

    • A new type of pronoun which shows reference or relation between the nouns. This pronoun is called a Conjunctive pronoun or Relative pronoun in English and الاسْمُ المَوْصُولُ in Arabic. If the pronoun refers to a human being it is to be translated "who" and if it refers to non human beings or an object it is translated as “which (or that)”.

Relative pronoun

الاِسْمُ المَوْصُولُ

Who (for human beings)


Which / That (for non human beings / objects)