Lesson 92 – الدَّرْسُ الثَّانِي وَالتِّسْعُونَ

Patterns of abstract verbs - أَوْزانُ الأفْعالِ المُجَرَّدَةِ

Introduction - مُقَدِّمَةٌ

  • This is lesson ninty two of our free Arabic language course. This Arabic course with images and audios will help you learn Arabic.
  • In the previous lesson, we have learned that the Arabic verbs can be divided into the following two categories:
    1. The abstract verbs الأَفْعَالُ الْمُجَرَّدَةُ: The patterns of these verbs consist only of the original letters in the root.
    2. The augmented verbs الأًفْعَالُ الْمَزِيدَةُ: The patterns of these verbs consist of the original letters plus one or more augmented letters.
  • In this lesson, we will learn the different patterns of abstract verbs in detail. The abstract verbs are divided into two categories:

1-    The abstract treble verbs: These verbs could be in different patterns according to the combination of the past and present form, e.g.:

2-    The abstract four letters root verbs: In this category, there is only one pattern whose past form is FaƐlala فعْلَلَ and whose present form is YufaƐlilu يُفعْلِلُ, e.g.: بَعْثَرَ - يُبَعْثِرُ meaning (to scatter).

    • We will learn all these patterns in detail in the following parts of this lesson.



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