About Us

MadinahArabic.com was set up over 20 years ago with a simple goal, to introduce a website that would teach Arabic language (both paid courses and for free lessons). We have invested tens of thousands of pounds / dollars to make this website possible.
Our team comprises of individuals who are:

  • Arabic language experts with decades of experience in teaching and Arabic grammar.
  • Technology experts who allow us to bring together the learning experience with the best methods / tools using advanced programming and software knowledge.
  • Project Managers / Consultants who volunteer their professional expertise into this voluntary project.

Our goal is to help both Muslims and those who are not Muslims to learn the Arabic language. We recognise that the objectives of both groups are different but have specifically catered for the general language requirements with some Islamic aspects integrated into the lessons to facilitate Muslims and to help inform those who are not Muslim about Islam which has a close nexus to the Arabic language.

We have huge things planned In-Shaa’-Allaah (God-Willing) for this website and our plan is to retain our position as the no.1 resource for learning Arabic online (and offline). We need your help in spreading the word about MadinahArabic.com to achieve this – please click on the Support Us link to find out how you can help us.

Our intention is to keep the website completely free while having a separate section for paid Arabic courses for those who are keen to learn Arabic on a 1 to 1 basis. We are recruiting excellent native Arabic teachers for this service and implementing technology that will provide an excellent experience for the students In-Shaa’-Allaah (God-Willing).

This website is owned by Madinah Arabic FZE (RAK Freezone Company)