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Lesson 90 – الدَّرْسُ التِّسْعُونَ

Introduction to Morphology - مُقَدِّمةٌ لِعِلْمِ الصَّرْفِ

Verb confirmationتَوْكِيدُ الْفِعْلِ

  • We have learnt the confirmation of the Arabic verb from grammatical aspect in lesson 81, but now, we study it from morphological aspect.
  • We will study the usage of (ن Nuun), the letter of confirmation, which comes after the present verb preceded by the confirmative (ل Laam).
  • Please, consider the following examples:


Morphologic analysis

Arabic sentences

English translation

Verb with Nuun


Verb without Nuun

لَتَشْرَبَنَّ الماءَ أوْ تَمُوتَ

Indeed, you drink water, otherwise you will die.




إذا جاءنِي صَدِيقي لأُكْرِمَنَّهُ

If my friend comes, verily I will be generous with him.




لأُعْطَيَنَّكُما جَائِزَةً بَعْدَ النَّجَاحِ

Indeed, I will give you a prize after success.




لأُساعِدَنَّكُم جَمِيعًا يا إخْوانِي

Indeed, I will help all of you, my bothers.






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