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Lesson 65 – الدَّرْسُ الْخَامِسُ والسِّتُّونَ

The pro agent - نَـائِــب الفَاعِــل

Types of the pro agent – أَنْوَاع نائب الفاعل

  • In the previous lesson we studied the types of the doer. We understood that the doer can be one of the types shown in the following examples (for revision purpose): (please read from right to left)
  • The types of the pro agent are the same as the types of the agent which are in the above mentioned table.
  • The following table shows the types of the pro agent with examples:


The pro agent


Type of the pro agent


Arabic lesson image


The bottle was filled with water

مُلِئَتِ الزُّجَاجَةُ مَاءً

/muliξat az zuĵāĵatu mā’an/

Explicit noun lesson image


The film will be shown this week

سَيُعْرَضُ الفِيلْمُ هَذَا الأُسْبُوعَ

/sayuξrađu al filmu hādhā al usbūξi/ lesson image


I was asked a difficult question

سُئِلْتُ سُؤَالاً صَعْبًا

/su’iltu su’ālan ŝaξban/

Attached pronoun lesson image


Indeed, we were extremely oppressed

لَقَدْ ظُلِمْنَا ظُلْمًا شَدِيدًا

/laqad dhulimnā dhulman shadīdan/ lesson image


The bottle was broken yesterday

الزُّجاجَةُ كُسِرَتْ أَمْسِ

/az zuĵāĵatu kusirat amsi/

Latent pronoun lesson image


The boy was obliged to travel

الوَلَدُ أُكْرِهَ على السَّفَرِ

/al waladu ukriha ξala as safari/ lesson image


The memorization of the text is hoped

يُرْجى حفظُ النَّصِ

Yurĵā ħifdhu an naŝŝi/

Explicit original noun lesson image

أنْ تَحْفَظَ = الحِفْظ

To memorize the text is preferred

يُفَضَّلُ أنْ تَحْفَظَ النَّص

/yfađđalu an taħfadha an naŝŝa/

Implicit original noun

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