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Lesson 54 – الدَّرْسُ الرَّابِعُ وَالْخَمْسُونَ

Sound Feminine Plural -  جَمْعُ المُؤَنَّث السَّالِم

Introduction - مُقَدِّمَةٌ

  • In this lesson, we will study a new type of nouns – that is, the sound feminine plural.

·         In this part we will learn the meaning of the sound feminine plural and how we can change a singular noun into the sound feminine plural form. View the following table:




Singular lesson image

هَؤُلاءِ طَالِباتٌ

/hā’ulā'i  ŧâlibāt-un/

This is a female student

هَذِه طَالِبَةٌ

/hādhihī ŧâliba-tun/ lesson image

هَؤلاءِ مُمَرِّضاتٌ

/hā’ulā’i mumarriđât-un/

This is a nurse

هَذِه مُمَرِّضَةٌ

/hādhihī mumarriđa-tun/

·         We will also learn that there are certain words that can have a sound feminine plural under certain conditions. View the following examples of these nouns:




Singular lesson image



Female student


/ŧâlibatun/ lesson image

هَؤُلاءِ هُم الزَّيْنَباتُ

/hā’ulā’i humu az-zaynabātu/

This is my sister Zaynab.

هَذِهِ أُخْتِي زَيْنَبُ

/Hādhihī ukhtī zaynabu/ lesson image

فِي العَالَمِ صَحْراواتٌ كَثِيرَةٌ

/fī al-ξālami ŝaħrawātun  kathīratun/

Most of Egyptian land is desert

أَكْثَرُ أَرْضِ مِصْرَ صَحْراءُ

/aktharu arđi miŝra ŝaħrâ'u/ lesson image

هَؤُلاءِ أَخَواتِي الكُبْرَيَاتُ

/hā’ulā’i akhawāti al-kubrayātu/

This is my elder sister

هَذِهِ أُخْتِي الكُبْرَى

/Hādhihī ukhtī al-kubrâ/

·         we will also learn the declensions of the sound feminine plural and the difference between it and the feminine singular in terms of declension.


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