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Lesson 69 – الدَّرْسُ التَّاسِعُ والسِّتُّونَ

The Circumstantial object(Adverbs of Time and Place) -الْمَفْعُولُ فِيهِ

Adverb of Time – ظَرْف الزَّمان

  • The adverb of time is that which indicates the time of an action, as in the following example:




Arabic lesson image

The teacher came at seven o’clock

حَضَرَ الأُسْتاذُ السَّاعةَ السَّابِعَةَ

/ħađara al ustādhu as sāξata as sābiξata/

Adverb of time





One minute

An hour

A day

Adverb of time





A week

One month

A year

  • Consider the following examples:




Arabic lesson image

I stayed one minute at the window

وَقَفْتُ دَقِيقَةً في النَّافِذَة

/waqaftu daqīqatan fī an nāfithati/ lesson image

I read the book for an hour

قَرَأتُ الكِتابَ سَاعَةً

/qara’tu al kitāba sāξatan lesson image

I stayed one day with my brother

أَقَمْتُ مَعَ أَخِي يَوْمًا

/aqamtu maξa akhī yawman/ lesson image

I studied the Quran for one week

دَرَسْتُ الْقُرآنَ أُسْبُوعًا

/darastu al qur’āna usbūξan/ lesson image

I will spend a month in the city

سَأَسْكُنُ فِي المَدِينَةِ شَهْرًا

Sa’askunu fī al madīnati shahran/

  • Some adverbs consist of two words as follows:





بَعْدَ الظُّهْرِ

I will have lunch in the after noon

سَأَتَنَاوَلُ الغَدَاءَ بَعْدَ الظُّهْرِ

/sa’atanāwalu al ghadā’a baξda ađh đhuhri/

يَوْمَ الخَمِيسِ

The friends will arrive on Thursday

سَيَحْضُرُ الأَصْدِقاءُ يَوْمَ الخَمِيسِ

/sayaħđuru al aŝdiqâ’I yawma al khamīsi/

قَبْلَ ساعَتَيْنِ

Khalid slept two hours ago

نامَ خالِدٌ قَبْلَ ساعَتَيْنِ

/nāma khâlidun qabla sāξatayni/

كُلَّ الوَقْتِ

I slept all the time

نِمْتُ كُلَّ الوَقْتِ

/nimtu kulla al waqti/

عِدَّةَ أَيَّامٍ

I travelled for some days

سَافَرْتُ عِدَّةَ أَيَّامٍ

/sāfartu ξiddata ayyāmin/

  • In the above mentioned examples we notice that the adverb of time can consist of two words in annexation structure إضَافة /iđâfah/, as follows:


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