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Lesson 55 – الدَّرْسُ الخامِسُ وَالْخَمْسُونَ

The dual -  الْمُثَنَّى

The omission of the Nuun of the dual nounحَذْف نُون الْمُثَنَّى

After annexation

Before annexation





These are the two books of the lecture

هَذَانِ كِتَابا القِرَاءَةِ

/hādhāni kitābā al qirâ’ah/

These are two books

هَذَانِ كِتَابانِ

/hādhāni kitābāni/

The two bags of my brother are new

حَقِيبَتا أَخِي جَدِيدَتانِ

/ħaqībatā akhī ĵadīdatāni/

The two bags are new

الحِقِيبَتِانِ جَدِيدَتانِ

/al ħaqībatāni ĵadīdatāni/

The two pens of the teacher are expensive

قَلَمَا الأُسْتَاذِ غَالِيانِ

/qalamā al ustādhi ghâliāni/

The two pens are expensive

القَلَمَانِ غَالِيانِ

/al qalamāni ghâliāni/

The teacher verified the two notebooks of the student

صَحَّحَ الأُسْتَاذُ كُرَّاسَتَي الطَّالِبِ

/ŝaħħaħa al ustādhu kurrâsatay aŧŧâlibi/

The teacher verified the two notebooks

صَحَّحَ الأُسْتَاذُ الكُرَّاسَتَيْنِ

/ŝaħħaħa al ustādhu al kurrâsatayni/

The carpenter mended the two doors of the room

أَصْلَحَ النَّجَّارُ باَبَيْ الحُجْرَةِ

/aŝlaħa an-naĵĵāru bābay al huĵrati/


The carpenter mended the two doors

أَصْلَحَ النَّجَّارُ الباَبَيْنِ

/aŝlaħa an-naĵĵāru al bābayni/

The student brought  out the two grammar books

أخْرَجَ الطَّالِبُ كِتَابَي القَوَاعِدِ

/akhraĵa aŧŧâlibu

Kittabay al qawāξidi/

The student brought  out the two books

أخْرَجَ الطَّالِبُ الكِتَابَيْنِ

/akhraĵa aŧŧâlibu al kitābayni/

  • You may notice now that the Nuun can be omitted only if it is in the Iđâfah structure, when it occupies the position of the annexing noun (المُضاف /al muđâf).
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