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Lesson 15 - الدَّرْسُ الْخَامِسَ عَشَرَ


  • In this part of the lesson we will learn the conversion of a singular past form of the verb to the plural verb In-Shā’-Allâh (God willing). In English the Past form of the verb does not change in plural form.  For example, "I walked to the park" becomes "We walked to the park".  However, In Arabic different letters are added at the end of the original verb and sometimes even the vowel ending is also changed to change a verb into the plural form. In this part we will only learn to change a singular verb for "you" to the plural verb.
  • For the past tense of a verb i.e., اَلْفِعْلُ الْمَاضِي the following rules are applied
  • When a singular (masculine) verb is changed to a plural the vowel ending /fatħah/ is replaced with a /đammah/ on the letter تَ and a letter /meem/ with a /sukūn/  on it is added as the last letter so ذَهَبْتَ will be changed to ذَهَبْتُمْ.