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Lesson 11-الدَّرْسُ الْحَادِيَ عَشَرَ

Revision – مُرَاجَعَةٌ

  • In this lesson we have learnt about annexing the pronouns to the prepositions i.e., adding pronouns to the prepositions.
  • Present form of the verb     الْفِعْلُ الْمُضَارِعُ
  • Vowel ending of the object of the verbal sentence and annexing the object of the verbal sentence to the pronouns.

Vocabulary Revision – مُرَاجَعَةُ الْمُفْرَدَاتِ


In it (masc.)


In it (fem.)


I like, I love


We like, we love


He likes, he loves


She likes, she loves

الْفِعْلُ الْمُضَارِعُ

Present verb


The reading


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