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Lesson 63 – الدَّرْسُ الثّالِثُ والسِّتُّونَ

Transitive verbs over two objects/đhanna/ and its sisters - الأفعال التي تَنْصِب مَفْعُولَيْنِ "ظَــنَّ، وَأَخَوَاتُـها"

Verbs of Affectivity: Verbs of Certainty – (أَفْعال الْقُلوب: أَفْعَالُ اليَقِينِ" عَلِمَ، رَأَى، وَجَدَ، أَلْفَى، دَرَى" )




verbs of certainty


Arabic lesson image

I knew that the student was diligent

عَلِمْتُ الطَّالِبَ مُجْتَهِدًا

/ξalimtu aŧ ŧâliba muĵtahidan/


to know


/ξalima/ lesson image

I saw the sun shining

رَأَيْتُ الشمْسَ مُشْرِقَةً

/ra’aytu ash shamsa mushriqatan/


to see



/ra’ā/ lesson image

I found the room vacant

وَجَدتُ الحُجْرَةَ خَالِيَةً

/waĵadtu al ħuĵrata khâliyatan/


to find



/waĵada/ lesson image

I found love is beautiful

أَلْفَيْتُ الحُبَّ جَمِيلاً

/alfaytu al ħubba ĵamīlan/


to find



/alfā/ lesson image

I was informed that the news was true

دَرَيْتُ الخَبَرَ صَحِيحًا

/daraytu al khabara ŝaħīħan/


to be or become informed of or about




  • Note: these five verbs denote almost the same meaning, i.e. certainty and assurance, which means that the speaker is certain about what he/she says.


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