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Lesson 42 – الدَّرْسُ الثَّاني والأرْبَعونَ

Interrogative Words (2 of 3) – أدَوَات الاسْتِفْهام (٢ من ٣)

Introduction - مُقَدِّمَةٌ

  • In the previous lesson we studied four nouns out of the ten common questioning (interrogative) words, we are going to study four more of these nouns in this lesson, In-Shā’-Allâh.  The nouns we will cover are the following:











How many (much)?


  • Please, remember that the interrogative (questioning) words are indeclinable.  Most of these words are nouns, so they, originally, occupy the position of the subject in a nominal sentence.  Two out of the ten interrogative words are particles. These particles will be studied in the following lesson In-Shā’-Allâh.
  • We learnt earlier that each one of these interrogative nouns or particles has a function and a meaning.
  • The following table summarizes the second four interrogative (questioning) words and an example for each of them:



Example Question

Interrogative word






Arabic lesson image

I wake up at 7 o’clock.

أَسْتَيْقِظُ السَّاعَةَ السَّابِعَةَ.

/Astayqiđhu as-sāξata as-sābiξata./

When do you wake up?

مَتَى تَسْتَيْقِظُ؟

/Matā tastayqiđhu?/



/Matā/ lesson image

I pray in the mosque.

أُصَلِّي فِي المَسْجِدِ.

/uŝallī fī al-masjidi./

Where do you pray?

أَيْنَ تُصَلِّي؟

/Ayna tuŝallī?/



/Ayna/ lesson image

It is cold today.

الجَوُّ بَارِدٌ اليَوْمَ.

/al-ĵawwu bāridun al-yawma./

How is the weather today?

كَيْفَ الجَوُّ اليَوْمَ؟

/Kayfa al-ĵawwu al-yawma?/



/Kayfa/ lesson image

I am 30 years old.

عُمْرِي ثَلاثُونَ عَامًا.

/ξumri thalāthūna ξāman./

How old are you?

كَمْ عُمْرُكَ؟

/Kam ξumruk?/

How many/ how much?



  • In the following four parts we will study each one of the above mentioned interrogatives In-Shā’-Allâh (God willing), while part five will be for the exercises.
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