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Lesson 40 – الدَّرْسُ الأرْبَعونَ بِنَاءُ فِعْل الأَمْر

Imperative verb indeclension on the omission of the Nūn letter - بِنَاء فِعْل الأَمْر عَلَى حَذْف النُون

  • Imperative verb indeclension on the omission of the Nūn "ن" (N) letter occurs with three pronouns of the second person, namely the second person masculine plural أَنْتُم (antum), the second person dual أَنْتُمَا (antumā) and the second person feminine singular أَنْتِ (anti). Consider the following examples:
  • As you see the above verbs are indeclinable on the omission of the Nūn in the imperative form. Here are other examples:




Pronoun lesson image

Write your lessons and read well!

اكْتُبُوا دُرُوسَكُم وَاقْرَءُوا جَيْدًا.

أَنْتُم lesson image

Go to your class and apologize to your teacher!

اِذْهَبَا إلى فَصْلِكُما واعْتَذِرا لِأُسْتَاذِكُما.

أَنْتُمَا lesson image

Take care of your children cleaning, Fatimah!

يا فاطِمَةُ اِهْتَمِّي بِنَظَافَةِ أوْلادكِ.

أَنْتِ lesson image

Pay attention to your lessons, students!

يا طُلابُ اِهْتَمُّوا بِدُرُوسِكُم.

أَنْتُم lesson image

Listen to the instructions of your teacher, Hosam and Ibrahim!

يا حُسَامُ وَإبْرَاهِيمُ اِسْتَمِعَا إلَى نَصَائِحِ أُسْتَاذِكُمَا.

أَنْتُمَا lesson image

Give much care to your husband, Zaynab!

يا زينبُ اِهْتَمِّي بِزَوْجِكِ كَثِيرًا.