Course Syllabus

The following table is meant to give the student a high level view of the topics to be covered and is not exhaustive – e.g. many topics are covered in the course that are not included in the syllabus below.

We will always endeavour to customize the course by including / omitting additional topics to suit your exact requirements.

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Topic Area (Arabic):

Topic Area (English):

Topic Details:

1- الاستعاذة والبسملة

Al Isti’adha and Al Basmala

Usage of Al Isti’adha and Al Basmala and conditions for their usage

2- الحروف العربية


The Arabic Letters and Pronunciation

  • Arabic alphabet, the short vowels (fatha, damma, kasra, sukoon) and how to pronounce them.
  • Practicing short vowels, lengthened letters, letters with Shadda and Tanween.

3- مخارج الحروف

Articulation of letters

  • Articulation points and the letters:
    • Empty space in mouth and throat
    • The throat
    • The tongue
    • The two lips
  • You will learn their subdivisions and you will practice on each letter with different signs (fatha, damma, kasra, sukoon, tanween, shadda…).
  • Illustrations that make it easier for you to understand the articulation points.


4- صفات الحروف

The characteristics of the letters

  • In this part, you will study the characteristics of letters.
  • You will learn permanent characteristics that divide into: Sifat that have opposite and Sifat without opposite.
  • You will be able to determine whether the letter is strong or weak.
  • You will find a table of all letters and some of their sifat to complete it as an exercise on sifat.
  • Relations between letters (The two the same, the two similar, the two close, the two far).

5- أحكام التفخيم والترقيق

The rules of

Tafkheem & Tarqeeq

(Heaviness & lightness)

  • The definition of Tafkheem & the letters that are always heavy.
  • The Ranks of Tafkheem.
  • The definition of Tarqeeq & the letters that are always light.
  • The letters that are sometimes heavy & sometimes light and their rules.

6- أحكام النون الساكنة

The rules of noon sakinah

  • The definition of noon sakinah and Tanween.
  • The rules of noon sakinah (Izhar – Idgham – Ikhfa’ – Iqlab).

7- أحكام الميم الساكنة

The rules of meem sakinah

  • The definition of meem sakinah.
  • The rules of meem sakinah (Izhar Shafawy – Idgham Shafawy – Ikhfa’ Shafawy).
  • The rule of noon with shaddah & meem with shaddah.

8- أحكام اللامات الساكنة

The rules of laam sakinah

  • The definition of لام التعريف & its rules.
  • The definition ofلام الفعل & its rules.
  • The definition of لام الاسم & its rules.
  • The definition of لام الحرف & its rules.
  • The definition of لام الأمر & its rules.

9- المدود

The lengthening

  • The definition of Haa Al Kinaya and its four cases.
  • The definition of Al-Madd and Al-Qasr.
  • The difference between the Normal (Original) Madd and the Secondary Madd whether it is in words or in letters.
  • The definitions and rules of different types of Madd (Substitute Madd, Separated Madd, Connective Madd, Joined Madd, Soft Madd, compulsory Madd, presented sukoon Madd…).

10- حكم التقاء الساكنين

The rules of Elteqaa Essakineen

The cases of Elteqaa Essakeneen (in one word or between two words) & how to solve those cases.

11- همزتا القطع والوصل

Hamza-tul- Qat & Hamza-tul-Wasl

  • The definitions of Hamza-tul-Qat & Hamza-tul-Wasl and the differences between them.
  • The cases of Hamza-tul-Wasl in (verbs, nouns & articles) and how to read it.

12- الوقف على أواخر الكلم

Stopping on the ends of the words

  • The stop on words with strong endings & its ways.
  • The stop on words with weak endings & its ways.
  • Definitions of (السكون المحض، الروم، الإشمام).

13- الوقف والابتداء

The Stop & the Beginning

Explanation of the different types of Al Waqf (The Stop) with examples.