Business Arabic

Course Syllabus

The following table is meant to give the student a high level view of the topics to be covered and is not exhaustive – e.g. many topics are covered in the course that are not included in the syllabus below.

We will always endeavour to customize the course by including / omitting additional topics to suit your exact requirements.

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Topic Title

Topic Details

Foundation – Basic Arabic Reading and Writing

Arabic Alphabet

Short Vowels

Long Vowels

Tanween and Shaddah

Joining of letters and writing

Interrogative Articles, pronouns and prepositions


Alphabet names and sounds, pronunciation of letters including Sun and Moon Letters

Short and long vowels that enable the pronunciation of the letters

Tanween – the doubling of short vowels

Shaddah – the doubling of a letter and emphasis

Arabic letters in various positions – isolate, beginning, middle and end including ‘unique’ non-joining letters

Introduction to some basic words including:

  • Questioning articles – e.g. when, where etc
  • Demonstrative Pronouns – this, that etc
  • Prepositions and Adverbs – Upon, under, on etc

Simple sentences with basic vocabulary

Greeting and introduction

At the airport

Learn how to talk with the passport officer, with another passenger and with the baggage clerk

At the new job

Learn how to ask about your new job requirements and how to talk with your new colleagues and management

On the plane

Talk with another passenger about the flight and how to order food, ask about the arrival time

At the arrival hall

At the arrival hall you will learn how to fill in the arrival card, how to order tea, coffee, and how to find taxi

At the passport office

At the passport office, learn how to talk about your  passport information ( name – address – time of visit – reason of visit etc)

Taking a Taxi


Learn how to talk to a taxi driver, and how to ask for directions and charges

At the hotel

In front of reception

In front of the reception desk - you will learn how to book a room and talk to the receptionist

In the room

Learn how to describe everything in your room ( TV – radio – etc)

At the hotel restaurant


Discussion with the waiter, understanding the menu items and ordering food

At the bank

At the cashier window

At the cashier window, you will learn how to talk with the cashier and withdraw money

At the exchange window

At the exchange window, you will ask about exchanging currency


At the market

Learn the names of fruits and vegetables, conversations involving shopping at the market

At the grocery

Shopping for essential items such as bread, cheese, eggs, toiletries & other essential needs

Home store

At the Home store you will ask the salesman about essentials you need for your new home, e.g. cups, dishes, cutlery, furniture and other items

Clothes store

Shop for clothes, learn about different types of clothes and descriptions.  Learn how to discuss with the salesperson

At the shoe store

Talk about the types of shoes you want, their size, style and colour


At the underground station

At the underground station you will learn how to talk about the station you wish to travel to and purchase a ticket

At Al Tahrir square

At Al Tahrir square you will talk about the Egyptian revolution and you will ask about some places you would like to visit in the square

At the Company Office

At the Secretary’s Office

At the secretary’s office you will talk about your diary, meetings and your tasks for the day

At the General Directors Office

At the general directors office, you will talk with the director about various problems in work-based scenarios

With work colleagues

Hold an informal conversation with work colleagues

At the company location

Scenario of a discussion with partners relating to a new factory to be built

Job applications

Learn how to write your certifications and qualifications for job applications

Preparing documentation for job application

Documentary requirements for a job application

At Work

Important meeting

During an Important meeting you will discuss the current financial situation of your company

Work lunch

You will talk with your friends about the new company which you will be forming next month

Searching for a flat

At the rental office

At the rental office, you will talk about renting a car or house

Contracts ( for sale - rental – marriage – partnership – work)

Learn about the various forms of contracts in Arabic and understand how to review these

Searching for a car

At the car exhibition

At the car exhibition, you will talk about car brands, prices and features with the car exhibition owner

At the gas station

At the gas station you ask the assistant for full tank and where can you change the engine oil

At the licence


At the licence office you will talk with the officer about your car licence which you lost.  You will also talk about making a new car license

Car production

You will visit a car manufacturer (factory) and have a conversation with an engineer to understand about the car production process

At school

Conversation with a teacher

In a roleplay scenario – you will act as a teacher.  You will talk with a  teaching colleague about the student performance at school and recent problems

Procurement (Buying school supplies)

You will act as the purchasing manager, discussing with the supplier about various needs for your school

Filling a school application for children

You will play the role of a parent, asking about a school application for your children.  You will discuss information regarding your children’s age, requirements, performance etc.

With neighbors

Guest Dinner

At the guest dinner you will talk about your picnic and visiting your relatives



You will talk about TV programs with your family including your favorite TV programs like drama – sport- social etc

In front of a computer

You will talk about various aspects of a computer and discuss how to solve a problem

Requesting food for delivery

Practice a scenario where you request food to be delivered to your home

At home

You will talk about your family member and you will describe your home

Trip abroad

You will talk about your planned trip abroad with your friend including the places you are planning to go and what you are doing to prepare

At the Sports Club

At the Sports Club, you will talk with your son’s trainer about how your son is doing at the club and you will talk about some athletic activities

On the beach

On the beach, you will discuss with your friend about the sun, sea and sand and you will buy some things you need on the beach

Searching for a cleaner and chef



At the cleaners office

At the cleaners office, you will discuss with the advisor about the cleaner you want asking about his details


At the doctors clinic

At the doctors clinic you will discuss with the doctor about your illness and he will give you medication

At the surgery

At the surgery, you will discuss with the dentist about the crown which caused you lots of pain and he will talk with you  about  the medication / treatment

At the stomach clinic

At the stomach clinic you will talk with the doctor about the stomach pains which you have had and he will give you medication

At the Ear, nose and throat clinic

At the ear, nose and throat clinic you will talk with the doctor  about the pain which you have in your ear and some problems in your throat and he will give you the required medication

General Services

Calling the laundry office

You will discuss with the laundry office regarding having some clothes cleaned and the pricing / payment


You will ask the plumber to fix some problems with your sink


You will ask the carpenter to make a bed for you and fix some problems with the door


You will ask the Electrician to come and help you fix some electrical problems

Different situations

At birthday party

At the birthday party, you will congratulate someone and you will talk with your wife about her plan for your sons birthday next week and you will invite the attendees to this party

At the wedding party

At the wedding party, you will congratulate the attendees and wish them good luck and you will talk with your friend about your intention to marry next year

At the police station

At the police station, you will discuss with the police officer about your wallet which you lost and the  robbery  which happened in your building yesterday

At the Passport office

At the passport office, you will learn how you can renew your passport or make a new one if you do not have one

At the Foreign Affairs ministry

At the Foreign Affairs ministry, you will interview the Foreign Affairs minister about the political situation in the Arab countries

At the airline company

At the airline company, you will talk about the time of your flight and departure details

At the embassy

At the embassy, you will talk about your visa, passport and nationality request with the ambassador and the officer

Weather conditions

Talk about the weather in the four seasons

Learn the weather types and expressions describing the weather through conversational practice

Travel Application

Completing your travel application for work.  You will learn how to fill in your contract details, salary, visa details and submit to the jobs office principal