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Assalamualaikum (Peace be Upon You).

Welcome to – this website is a dedicated free resource to students seeking to Learn Arabic Online – beginner to advanced level.

The website includes:

  • Arabic Reading Course (Beginners)
  • Arabic Language Course (100 Lessons)
  • Vocabulary Flashcards to help memorise Arabic words and meanings
  • Discussion Forum – ask any questions where you are confused and the community or moderator will answer your questions.
  • Many more features and tools to help learn the language (already listed in the news section).

Latest Courses

Lesson 54 – الدَّرْسُ الرَّابِعُ وَالْخَمْسُونَ Sound Feminine Plural -  جَمْعُ المُؤَنَّث السَّالِم Part 12345678  ...

Lesson 68 – الدَّرْسُ الثَّامِنُ والسِّتُّونَ The causal object - الْمَفْعُول لأَجْلِهِ Part 1234567  The...


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Lesson 49– الدَّرْسُ التَّاسِعُ وَالأرْبَعُونَ The Conditional Sentence -أُسْلُوب الشَّرْط Part 1 ...
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Lesson 50– الدَّرْسُ الْخَمْسُونَ Verbal Nouns - أَسْمَاءُ الأَفْعَال Part 1 2 ...
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Lesson 24 – الدَّرْسُ الرَّابِعُ وَالْعِشْرُونَ Noun and its Types (continued...) - الاسْمُ وَأَنْوَاعُهُ Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7   Revision – مُرَاجَعَةٌ In this lesson we have learnt...

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