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    I’ve heard two words for milk, which one is the right one to use لبن – حليب

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    use online dictionary to find right words both means milk in dictionary.

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    here i found this explanation online
    “Haleeb” is the standard Arabic word for milk and it is used in most of the dialects as well. In Egyptian dialect, though, they say “laban” for milk instead of “Haleeb”. You see Egyptian dialect as the dialect that is most often presented (or mixed in) in books and textbooks because of the large population of Egypt and the fact that Egypt used to dominate the Arabic entertainment industry, still is a major player in the publishing industry, was seen as the political center of the Middle East, etc., etc. So this is why you were initially taught that “milk” = “laban”. In most other Middle Eastern countries, though, and in standard Arabic, “laban” means “yogurt”. What you drank was probably what they call “kefir” in some places (including the US) which is a yogurt drink. It has different names depending on the country.

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    Rahmatullah Alamin


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    Mohammed Hasan

    which one used in Qoran when it talk about milk? do you know?

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    ismail Mohamed


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    Ahmed Mahfouz

    actually, the arabic words describe the verb first and then derivative its name
    for Example: the verb Qam` قام and the verb Waqafa وقف
    some people think that they are same but in fact the verb قام describe the action of standing after sitting and the verb وقف describes the stopping after walking
    now what is the difference between حليب and لبن
    the word لبن gives you the name of the liquid when it had drawn from the cow or when adding some additives for some other uses or shapes which gives the word some adjectives and one from this adjectives is حليب and some times we name it حامض Hamed` (acidified) and for abbreviation we cancelled the word and remained the adjective
    So, لبن in Egypt has the same meaning of حليب in Saudi

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