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    I recently joined the website to learn Arabic. It’s a great site thank you for your efforts. I was wondering if you have, for example, lessons 1/2 with no English so that I can read the Arabic questions/sentences and try to remember what they mean?
    I want to be able to read and answer questions without picture hints or English translation. In the beginning this is very useful but before I move on to lesson 3 I would like extra practice with Arabic only.


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    Madiha Khan

    I can see admins are not active on forums

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    Yes, an annoyance will lead me to giving up on learning Arabic here. Actually it was the only place I was learning.

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    Yolie Osean

    yeah I don’t think admins monitor this forum. I think the live chat or e-mail may be a better option for these kinds of inquiries

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    randy malony

    Is there something of this lessons in mobile application version. I need to improve on this my own instead of attending workshop and training classes for languages. Although, the helped of actual training is very much promising, like those idea that I have seen at, where training is really that comprehensive, because you learn fast as well as having fun.

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