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    For some reason the backspace button on my keyboard is taking me to the previous page when I am doing the exercises. This never used to happen before today, so I think it has something to do with the website upgrade. It’s causing a lot of problems because I make many mistakes when I’m typing in Arabic and often use the backspace button to correct myself. It also wipes out the all answers I have already typed when I backspace, so I have to start the whole exercise from scratch. It’s happening while using my actual keyboard but not with the onscreen keyboard. I’m not sure which forum I should post this in, I think it is happening in all the lessons. Please ask your website designer to put this back to the way it used to work before today.

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    Abdurahman Dollie

    I had trouble with that one too. You have to disable the backspace “back” functionality:


    I couldn’t get it to work completely. It doesn’t work with Chrome, but the Firefox method worked to stop sending the browser “back”. However, one still needs to use the onscreen keyboard to actually backspace and delete. This fix prevents accidental “back” through hitting backspace, but is not a solution to the main problem.

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