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    Ivan Spalko

    Dear friends of the Arabic language. I am new on this website and in this forum and I am greatly enjoying it. During my different lessons to get familiarised with this thrilling language I have been confronted with the following arabic letter ى (phonetic sound “ee”, like in كرسى. I could not find this letter in any alphabet listings. What is the name of this letter? What did I miss? Many thanks for your enlightment.


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    Madinah Arabic

    It’s Called ” Yaa ” and in the word (كرسى) it’s here considered to be 3 ( Yaa) added together called ( ياء النسب المشدد للاسم) means the ” doubled Yaa refereeing to relativity ” added to the original ” Yaa ” of the word.
    This is an advanced lesson will be added soon on Madinah Arabic lessons follow our new updated please

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