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    Nurhussen Nuru

    What is the difference between والذي and الذي?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

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    Madinah Arabic

    Sorry it’s not clear the two words are the same, may you double check and send us so we can send our tuition team to reply you .

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    Nurhussen Nuru

    وفاة سفير الفاتيكان جوزيف ويسلويسكي والذي كان يحاكم بقضية التحرش بأطفال***

    الأستوديو الذي يتم بناؤه والذي سيُطلق عليه إسم***
    Scientology’s CNN

    Why did not the writer use on the sentences 1 and 2 above الذي?

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    Mona Elzeiny

    The first “الذى ” refers to the سفير الفاتيكان who is as a human.

    The second one refers to الاستوديو which is as a place.

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