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    Are both ways of making فعل الأمر from فعل المهموز allowed? For example; اؤْكُل / كُلْ، اؤْخُذْ / خُذْ etc. Also, in this online dictionary فعل الأمر for أَخَذَ , أَكَلَ , أَمَرَ are as follows – اؤْخُذْ / خُذْ, اؤْكُل / كُلْ, اؤْمُر / مُرْ I am a bit confused! Are they both allowed or one form is more used than the other?

    Wright, vol. 1, § 137 says that only أمر، أكل، أخذ lose the hamza in the imperative. Other verbs with hamza in the first radical will retain it. Wright also says in § 138 that مُرْ generally becomes وَأْمُرْ and فَأْمُرْ but كُل and خُذْ don’t retain the hamza when preceded by wa or fa.


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