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    zineb Smith

    Can you please clarify the use of present and past tense following the preposition “after”
    Thank you very much!

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    Madinah Arabic

    The present and the past tenses are used after ” بعد ” to be conditionally following these articles ” أن – ما “so we say :

    بعد أن جاء إليها
    بعدما جاء إليه
    بعد أن يذهبَ إليه
    بعدما يَذهبُ إليه

    ” أن – ما ” are called verbal noun articles ” ان المصدرية – ما المصدرية ” as with the tenses they are equal in meaning to the nominal verbi so :

    بعد مَجِيئِهِ = بعد أن جاء – بعدما جاء
    بَعْدَ ذَهابِه = بعد أن يذهب – بعدما ذهب

    While ” أن ” affects the present tense verb by making it in the subjunctive case not in indicative case as the normal case.
    But ” ما ” doesn’t affect any of both tenses.

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